Developing A Healthy Environment For Our Student 's Academic Growth Essay

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Throughout middle school, adolescents are going through one of the most developmental processes they will go through in their lives. As a future teacher, I must recognize the needs of developing adolescents and create a healthy environment for our student’s academic growth, as well as personal development. The movement from junior high schools to the development of middle schools began to rapidly grow in the 1960’s. Junior high schools were focused on subject centered learning, isolated planning, and impersonal student-teacher relationships. With the emergence of the middle school, it switched its focus to both core academic classes and exploratory classes. It is important for students to explore their personal interests through exploratory classes so they’re given opportunities to find potential careers they are interested in. There is also teacher collaboration in planning lessons and activities among subjects, as well as flexible schedules to give students enriched and engaging lessons and activities. Advisors and advisees meet regularly for guidance, support, and help with their future plans after middle school and career options for the future. Middle schools also have a curriculum that is challenging and responsive to hold middle schoolers to high expectations but to also have a curriculum that meets their specific needs at their age period. These characteristics provide a school environment that is very beneficial, to meet the needs of the students. It allows
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