Developing A Healthy Organizational Culture Essay

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Human Resources approach performs an extremely essential function in creating and maintaining competitive advantage; many organizations disregard the importance of HR in creating competitive advantage. The three priorities will require a major transformation in the organization. HR strategy should support the conversion, and help the workforces to acclimatize in a different environment. One major objective of the innovative HR strategy will be to create a healthy organizational culture that supports innovation, collaboration, and intercontinental operation. Leadership plays an enormously important role in developing a healthy organizational culture. (Dessler, 2013) Furthermore, the innovative HR strategy will provide the workforces a platform where they can express their opinion, thoughts, recommendations, and perspectives for the conception of a more productive workplace. The workforces can also share their views on how to create a supportive organizational culture. The personnel will likewise share their ideas and recommendations on improving processes, cutting expenditure, reducing waste etc. The Availability of such platform will improve employee satisfaction, create a sense of ownership, involve employees in decision making, and motivate employees to achieve their individual as well as organizational objectives. (Dessler, 2013) Additionally, the modernistic HR strategy will develop a workforce preparation procedure that can determine the critical abilities and skills of
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