Developing A Knowledge Confidence Plan

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Developing a Knowledge Confidence Plan
As a future nurse it is very important to identify areas of knowledge that are strong and areas that could use further development (CRNBC, 2011). This provides the opportunity to improve confidence and collaborative capacities within nursing practice (Hatrick Doane & Varcoe, 2014b). The purpose of this paper is to use scholarly literature, practice experiences, and class concepts of Nursing 341, to gain better understanding of my current knower status. Specifically, it will provide a written summary and analysis of observations relating to myself as a knower. Also, the paper will consider the four areas of nursing inquiry observing them through differing levels of perspective. Finally, it will include a concrete plan addressing my knowledge development needs with specific goals for this term.
Ways of Knowing: Summary
The four ways of knowing, embodied in the nursing discipline, are all equally important to practice (Hatrick Doane & Varcoe, 2014b). For this reason it is important to consider areas of strength as well as areas that may require more focus in the future to ultimately improve future practice.
Areas of Strength After observing myself as a knower, I found that my strengths lie in the following three forms of inquiry: aesthetic (meaning), ethical (values), and sociopolitical (context) (Hatrick Doane & Varcoe, 2014b). This is because I feel that my knowledge within this area can be applied within multiple viewpoints.
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