Developing A Knowledge Management Strategic Plan

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HRG, as the award-winning international corporate service company, pursues production efficiency and economy of scales to meet clients’ needs. In 2015, HRG plans to develop a knowledge management strategic plan, a so-called “codification KM strategy” to comply with company strategy to enhance performance. KM team proposed a large online platform (so called “ The park on HRG”) to allow employees to share, discuss and discover any work efficiency. A gap analysis and a knowledge leverage points analysis are used to achieve objectives. The former is used to understand the organization’s current state and its desired business objectives whilst the latter is used to identify what can be done using known knowledge. To ensure the
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Zack (199b) explains that a knowledge management strategy can be seen as the general, abstract, high-level approach to align an organization’s knowledge resources and knowledge-related capabilities to the knowledge requirements of its business strategy. Thus, the knowledge management strategy tries to close the organization’s knowledge and learning cycle gaps.

This paper firstly introduces the key objectives of the plan as well as analysis how it achieve company’s goal. Secondly, the paper demonstrates the strategies, tools and methods HRG used to achieve objectives including key roles responsible for implementation. Lastly the paper discusses the method to monitoring and evaluation, especially on effectiveness.

Profile of HRG

HGR is the international corporate services provider specializing in travel and data management underpinned by proprietary technology. In the field of corporate travel management, the corporate supports services to enable businesses to reduce cost, increase efficiency and maximize traveller welfare. In the other aspect in relation to travel data management, the company provides a supply of expertise and technology that enables businesses to collect and interpret data from their travel and expense activity to empower them with actionable insight. HRG is a company of CHOICE (Cost, Honest, Outstanding, Innovative, Client-focused, Experts). It pursues production efficiency and economy of scales to meet
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