Developing A Leadership Style For Fit 21st Century Challenges

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Developing a Leadership Style to Fit 21st Century Challenges

Kristin Hedstrom Erin Huerta

Teresa Tezack

James Gilner

St. Johns River State College Developing a Leadership Style to Fit 21st Century Challenges

Developing a leadership style to fit twenty-first century challenges involve a great deal of knowledge, and patience. There are different leadership styles among managers, and cultures. Two leadership styles are transformational, and transactional. There are many ways leadership has developed, and evolved over time. Leaders in the twenty-first century have faced many challenges such as technological changes, multiple generations in the workforce, and more cultural differences. Fortunately there are solutions for these challenges for twenty-first leadership styles such as offering training to employees, informing employees about the different generations they are working with, and the different cultures in the company. Leadership is when a person motivates, inspires, encourages, and directs activates that will lead to reaching goals (Jones and George, 2013). Being a leader is an important role, one can be a leader at their job, and in their home life. As time progresses seeing women as leaders is becoming more popular. Entrepreneurial women are becoming direct and indirect leaders (Bullough,, Sully De Luque, Abdelzaher, & Heim 2015). With women being in more leadership position it is creating healthier home lives because women are earning their
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