Developing A Learning Tool Help A Student Learn Maths

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U08096 Interim Report

29th November 2016

Henry Moule 13017539

Supervisor – Samia Kamal

Developing a learning tool to encourage education in a stem subject

The aim for this project as has been mentioned is to develop a learning tool to encourage education in a stem subject, I narrowed this down to developing a game that would help a student learn maths specifically. Since then I have narrowed this further and have specified that this would be for around the academic year 7 so around the age of 11 but would still be appropriate for 10 or 12 year olds. To achieve this aim the objectives will be for one to train in game development as well doing research to help establish the game mechanics or gamification elements wanted in the game.
Literature review: A Practitioner’s Guide to Gamification of Education
Hsin-Yuan Huang, W. and Soman, D. (2013). A Practitioner’s Guide to Gamification of Education. Research Report Series.
As with a lot of articles on the subject of gamification this paper states that “the intent of this report is to define gamification, deconstruct the process of gamifying a learning a learning program, explore the limitations, and review successful implementations of gamification”. In section 2 “What is Gamification” the paper gives the example of gamification in action, it talks about an initiative put forward by Volkswagen where a staircase was put in the Odenplan sub-way in Stockholm which would play a musical
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