Developing A Long And Productive Life

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Introduction to paper Living, Learning, and Believing are the core concepts given to live a long and productive life. Without each one of these components it is said that life is not being lived. As a child in a new, bigger, and brighter world, which offers them the opportunity to live and learn . It is it their daily interactions with things unknown. It is the child’s curiosity of the unknown along with their human instincts that empowers their cognitive abilities to learn. Their lifelong learning process is ignited naturally by both instinct and learned criteria. A child’s daily interaction is the best education for them. Learning the differences between hot and cold; wet and dry are just a few natural learning processes that a child performs. But, as a child grows and becomes of school age there are other processes of education that a child must obtain. The natural learning process must be ignited by both life and education. As the child starts to attend school and learn basic concepts; it is their everyday interaction with the educator that allows them understand the concepts taught . But is this enough, is learning the basic concepts for every grade enough? It is the educator’s job to provide students with lifelong learning processes that will be nurtured through life. After all “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Wiliam Butler Yeats; we must ignite the flame within each child that encourages and persuades lifelong
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