Developing A Oriented Products For The Future Generation

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Living in the 21st century, everyone wishes to start a business that focuses on developing technically oriented products, or at least become part of such an organization, which is an acceptable fact of human life, as every person has a desire to be successful in their career domain. Some prefer to excel in the job world by making above par contributions, while some prefer to do something unique in a field where they have a certain level of expertise or have an idea, which they believe can solve an issue that is prevalent for the current generation. With such a goal in mind, they make something that can solve that challenge for not only the current generation, but also open up many avenues of improvement, for the future generation. Such…show more content…
But indeed, as simple it may seem, it is a path that is full of challenges, but with very fruitful and promising outcomes, which acts as a motivating factor for an individual to put effort and time into his/her idea from beginning till end. With such an image in mind, the author is trying to convey the idea of why the current generation of individuals should indulge in a startup? Therefore, to build a foundation for such a persuasion, he uses some of the key points as the argument pillar and expanded upon them. Such key points would be; understanding the core concept of the startup, likelihood of why someone should pursue it and finally the challenges associated with such a venture, and how to solve such issues. What exactly is a word startup? A startup, is basically a stage that comes after the brainstorming process has occurred, where an individual or group of individuals try to come up with a solution for a complex problem, by improving an existing idea or coming up with a completely new one. More than that, it is a sense of being able to give something back to society that can either educate them better, or improve their lives. A startup is indeed a way to indicate someone’s passion, and their will power to initiate a large scale project. Therefore, another way to look at startup, would be entrepreneurship, which
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