Developing A Philosophy For Discussions

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As I approached the end of this course, I read the PPCC Online Campus article “Developing a Philosophy for Discussions.” Immediately, this was a perfect reference to help describe that one overarching topic that encompasses all that I gleaned from this course. That one topic is organization. The structure of this course, and the discussions in each module, and how each built upon skills and topics learned, allowed me to understand a great online tool to have, organization. In the article, “Developing a Philosophy for Discussion,” (PPCC Online Campus article) the author breaks down the, “…role of the online facilitator across four forms of interaction…” These are the pedagogical form, “…defined by using questions and probes for student…show more content…
Finally, developing an excellent round of questions that promote and further discussions and critical thinking. With these new tools, I can ensure a successful online course to offer in the spring 2015 session, and I can immediately apply these tools to my fall 2014 classroom sessions for greater student learning and success. I’d like to begin with rubrics, and the rubrics I currently use compared to some of the examples gleaned from my peers in the discussion boards. All of my assignments have an attached grading sheet. This outlines where points are divided among specific items such as following direction, mastery of a skill or technique, creativity (photo project) or content (essay) and presentation. Students know what is expected, however, sometimes I think that certain categories such as content, can be subjective and ambiguos. Having said that, I read several of the peer rubrics provided and found wonderful examples for ways to make that grading more specific, and less open to argument from the student. For example, the Grading Rubric for PHI-111 Research Paper, provided by Carolyn Brown in Module 5/Discussion 1, has a good breakdown of the content section of a research paper into categories including Thought, Details and
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