Developing A Plan For Research

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Developing Plan for Research
The nurse should know the steps of the research process prior to developing a plan for his research. Blankenship (2010) stated that research is a systematic process that focuses on being objective and gathering multiple information for analysis to assist the researcher to conclude. The steps she promulgated are the following, which are the same basic principle that some authors noted:
1. Identify the problem, which is in this case will be anxiety, which will be the focus of the study.
2. Review the literature, to find more about the topic. This will educate the nurse of the studies that have been conducted previously, how they were conducted, and the conclusions in the problem area.
3. Clarify the problem and narrows the scope of the study based on the review of the literature.
4. Clearly define the terms and concepts to minimize confusion and makes it easy for the reader to understand. These are words or phrases stated in the purpose or description of the study.
5. Define the population to make the study more manageable in terms of time and resources. First, it narrows the scope of the study. Second, the population identifies the group, which the researcher’s effort will be focused on within the study. Third, the researcher identifies the group that the result will apply at the conclusion of the study.
6. Develop the instrumentation plan, which is actually the plan of the study. It specifies who will participate in the study, how, when,…
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