Developing A Professional Development On Policy

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I was given the opportunity to present a professional development on policy S.B. 20E known as the the Florida 3rd-grade retention policy. Balkcom (2014) states “Florida’s law requires students who do not meet a certain reading level on their standardized reading tests to be held-back, or retained. Retained Florida students receive intensive help from school reading resources as they repeat their third-grade year” (pg. 443). This policy was founded in 2002 and since then is still in effect. In concluding my professional development of literacy, I provided both administration and teachers with an evaluation form. For starters, most of the staff concur that the professional development was truly valuable to their learning. In addition, they believe the presentation was presented in a professional manner that refreshed their knowledge of the policy. Compared to other meetings covering a similar subject, most of the staff agreed this meeting serve its purpose well. Furthermore, the staff thought that reviewing the Florida 3rd-grade retention policy was extremely beneficial.
In the section that asked the teachers what has been the most positive/negative aspect of the policy, some of the educators argued that the policy wasn’t realistic. Their main argument surface around students not being taught the foundations phonics, vocabulary, and phonemic awareness and later entering third grade with the missing pieces to reading comprehension, and therefore affecting their performance
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