Developing A Quality Product Within Budget And On Time

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Introduction Testing is an integral part of the entire process of designing and developing a quality product within budget and on time. In order to achieve this, a project manager need to be able to clearly see the schedules, receive meaningful deliverables, as well as take recognition of genuine issues, which testing groups, as is the case with all other software groups – have these in plenty Prior to this, however, the whole testing process need careful planning, managing, and reviewing. An effective test management serves to ensure that products offered by a firm receive comprehensive, well-documented testing in addition to being fully ready for production. Techniques and attitudes for testing group Successful test group management…show more content…
A test group has essentially four main functions: quality control, quality assurance, testing services, and developing services (Kaner, Falk, & Nguyen, 2000). The Quality control The quality group wields significant amount of power over a test group for the reason that QC inspectors can easily stop the shipment of the product until all procedures and standards are met, and all designated problems are resolved. According to the IEEE standard 610 [2], quality control refers to “a set of activities designed to evaluate the quality of developed or manufactured products” (Black, 2013) As such, quality control is a term applied in a hardware manufacturing or hardware environment, in which a large scope of physical items are produced and/or shipped. Each of the produced items has to be taken through a thorough testing process for the purpose of ensuring the quality of product is high enough for ship. Failure to meet high quality standards would result in the rejection of the product or system. Therefore, the quality control group within a manufacturing organization conducts a quality check, under the leadership of a quality controller. Quality control needs need to follow solid item library management that allows for traceability, uniformity predictability which are attained through testing of the design, the developed products, the product relationships, as well as the product system (Farrell-Vinay, 2008). The quality controls are crucial in
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