Developing A Rationale And Process For Selecting Individuals

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Developing a rationale and process for selecting individuals for a layoff is no easy task, and it is fraught with legal and ethical pitfalls (Fallon and McConnell, 2007). Layoffs can result from a wide variety of economic, societal, and technological change. Whenever possible, alternatives to layoffs should be fully explored and considered. Alternatives to layoffs include force reductions through attrition and eliminating any part-time positions in favor of retaining full-time employees. Early retirement is also an option as many employees may be willing to leave the workforce voluntarily with an incentive. Pfadenhauer (2009) recommends making any layoff decisions by analyzing future organizational needs and not by considering any …show more content…

Fallon and McConnell’s (2007) model advises that part-time employee positions should be eliminated before full-time employees. However, I would be cautious in releasing part-time employees whose often increased flexibility could be extremely useful in transitional times within healthcare organizations. Part-time float pool healthcare providers are often experienced and competent in many areas and could be a valuable tool in helping to provide coverage as employees naturally leave due to job security concerns. Releasing these valuable part-time employees could be detrimental to the overall functioning of a healthcare organization. In addition, I would offer part-time positions to staff members who were willing to make the transition to part-time from full-time. There may be employees who would be interested in transitioning to a part-time position as they approach retirement age or have increased family obligations.
As Fallon and McConnell (2007) report, the entire purpose of an organization undertaking a layoff is to become more efficient. This requires that the best personnel be retained and placed in positions in which they are most efficiently utilized. Fallon and McConnell (2007) point out that this is unlikely to occur in a perfect manner. However, focusing on job descriptions and performance related information can be very helpful, and these factors would help build the foundation for any layoff determination model I would create.

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