Developing A Schedule. Where Do You Begin To Prepare Your

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Developing a schedule
Where do you begin to prepare your advertising schedule? The best point of reference is the creative or advertising brief. Here, you will be given a direction on how long the campaign should run for, when it should begin and when it should end, along with other relevant information. You may choose to run it over days, weeks, months or even years.
Regardless of which option you select, the length and timing of the campaign will be determined by the targets set by the original brief and the budget.
If there is any doubt about how long the campaign should run for, it is best to go back to the team that created the original brief and seek clarification.
The next step in developing the schedule is to ensure that your
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The account executive debriefs the art director and copywriter, who then direct the assembly of the ad. This may require a fashion shoot by a reputable fashion photographer, a model, make-up artist, wardrobe artist, props, and lighting assistants.
The finished artwork is assembled digitally in the digital studio by a graphic designer, under the direction of the art director. Once the ad is completed and proofed, it goes back to the client for final approval and sign-off. The production department sends the approved ad directly to the magazine, electronically, to their production department.
The double-page ad appears in the December edition of the magazine.
As shown in the example above, there are a lot of ‘moving parts’ to producing a ‘simple’ ad. With so many moving parts, there are a number of opportunities for things to go wrong or fall behind schedule, this is why proper planning and scheduling, along with constant follow-up with each of the people involved in the process, is critical to the success of any advertising campaign.
Identifying relevant service providers
Which service providers will you need to achieve your advertising objectives? This will depend on the type of campaign you are running and the media you select. As we saw in the previous section, service providers may include:
● designers
● photographers
● media planning/buying agencies
● public relations or event management

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