Developing A Small Business For Business Enterprise

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In the century of the IT technology, our team decided to develop a small business to business enterprise, which helps both sides: the retailers and the customers, and plays a linking point between them. It’s not a surprise for anyone that as the times goes by, almost every aspect of our lives turns into digital and we are relying on the web services for different reasons: lack of time, far distances or impossibility of visiting shops. As regards latest researches, more and more people spend their time either on mobile devices or computers not only for communicating with their family/friends, but also for buying things that they need.
From our bad experience, as online customers, we have decided to improve the customer’s
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We will not be wrong, if we say that the OB is a whole science, because it incorporates four different disciplines: psychology, social psychology, sociology and anthropology. From the psychology point of the OB, in our enterprise we could observe problems like boredom, frustration and any other working conditions, which could lead to a decrease in the efficiency of work and people’s performance. From the social psychology aspect of the OB, in MGS.ldt we can focus on measuring and understanding of our employees’ attitudes and the impact that they have on one another. However, a good enterprise does not have separately working individuals, but well working and cohesive teams. Here comes the role of the sociology side of the OB. Thanks to it, we can notice if there are any conflicts, communicational misunderstandings or we could just examine the employees’ relations. And last but not least, the anthropology discipline comes. In this opened world, where people from different nationalities are working together, the anthropology stands as a door, which could open or close the acceptance on the workplace. From this particular aspect of the OB, in MGS we are learning about human beings: their activities and fundamental values, so as to eliminate the barrier between the different cultures and to create friendly and enjoyable working atmosphere. As I have already said, we want to be trusted and well-known enterprise. That is impossible, if we do not put
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