Developing A Social Skills Plan For Michael

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Developing a Social Skills Plan for Michael Michael is a five-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with hearing loss that has subsequently affected his speech development. Michael is without friends, and exhibits poor social skills for a child his age. His parents have come to me to develop a plan to help socialize him, so that he may attend public schools and avoid special education placement. The IDEA definition of deafness states that a hearing loss is severe enough, with the presence or absence of amplification devices, if it negatively affects the child’s academic progress and prevents language processing (Heward, 2013). Hearing loss by IDEA definition can be either permanent or irregular, affects academic performance, and if it does not fall under the IDEA definition of deafness as already described (Heward, 2013). Individualized strategies that are competency based for Michael would provide flexibility, allowing him to learn progressively and master academic content at his own pace, be tailored to his own specific personalized needs, and be an opportunity to utilize available technology, improve teacher-related skills more effectively, increasing efficacy, increasing productivity, and lead to better student outcomes (, n.d.). Some of these specific teaching strategies could include to present class content in a visual format-using chalkboards, overhead projectors, handouts and PowerPoint slides, making instructional materials available in text form, creating
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