Developing A Specialized Not For Profit Advocacy Group

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Our solution is to develop a specialized not-for profit advocacy group, which focuses on policy change and bridging the gap between local government, non-profits, and the federal government. Furthermore, we will fill the void within these entities with additional resources. Our group will be composed of a full-time paid staff, a board of specialized individuals (ex. Lawyers, professors, government officials), and a network of community volunteers. Our staff will handle the day-to-day operations necessary for an efficiently run business, while our board of specialized individuals will donate their time/services for tasks outside the capabilities of staff members (on an as needed basis). The group of community volunteers will be a tremendous asset to the advocacy group, by providing services to those facing hardship from unemployment. Regardless of a person’s position, paid or unpaid, each member of our advocacy group will work as partners of the organization. It will function as a democratic body, as opposed to the bureaucratic structure mostly seen in government and nonprofit agencies. Our advocacy group focuses on 3 aspects to aid in reducing unemployment- 1) Implantation of resources for the general unemployment population; 2) Acting as “the middleman” between government and the private sector services; 3) Policy Reform. Newark has many nonprofits that assist with career services, job matching, and training, however they are specialized for particular groups of people. The
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