Developing A Standard For Education

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In 2009 an initiative was set in place with the purpose of developing a standard for education that could be shared among all 50 states if the individual states chose to adopt it. From this initiative, the Common Core State Standards were developed. The standards lay out a plan for students within the K-12 education system that includes benchmarks that all students should meet by the time they finish a given grade. The standards mainly focus on mathematics and english language arts with the goal of preparing all students for college and their future careers by the time they finish high school. Teachers, parents, governments officials, and school administrators all played a part in the development of Common Core (Common Core). It is this researcher’s opinion that the Common Core State Standards, as outlined in the Common Core State Standards Initiative, should be utilized in K-12 schools.
Education standards have been in existence since the year 1990 and by the early 2000s, every American state was working off of its own set of educational standards (Common Core). Because every state operated under its own set of standards, not every high school diploma was held at the same level. For example, The Huffington Post ranked New Jersey as having the best educational rating in the year 2014 whereas Mississippi ranked the lowest among all other states (Klein). Because of this difference in state ranks, if a student from mississippi and a student from New Jersey were both trying to…
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