Developing A Strategy Is The Long -term Direction Of The Business

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Company Profile 2.0 Developing a Strategy Strategy is the long -term direction of the business. It is likely to express the direction the business should be going in and the action needed to achieve its objectives. (Gerry Johnson). Developing a strategy is very complex in nature and needs to be made in uncertain situations. Having a strategy suggests the ability to look up from the short term and the trivial, to view the long term and the essential, to address causes rather than symptoms. Without a strategy striving for objectives would be considered negligent. (freedman) Burberrys strategic themes are: Leveraging the franchise, intensify accessories, accelerate retail led growth, invest in underpenetrated markets and pursue operational…show more content…
As one of the most celebrated fashion brands in the world, Burberry have embraced the digital world and welcomed innovative marketing techniques emerging their online environment and physical stores into one. They have introduced effective ways to engage consumers and raise awareness such as Burberry acoustic and Art Of The Trench.(PESTEL) Michael Porter (1996) states “competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique set of values. Burberry also strives for a competitive edge through the use of celebrity endorsement. They have featured celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kate Moss and most recently Brooklyn Beckham in their advertisements. All are British and all appeal to a wide range of people.(SWOT) Therefore, Burberrys effective innovation is of great advantage to the organization as it will continue to attract a wide range of consumers through a number of different platforms. 2.0.3Organisational Strategy Organisational strategy is concerned with how different parts of the organisations deliver effective corporate and business level strategies by proper allocation of resources, people and processes. In most businesses, successful business strategies depend to a large extent on decisions that are taken, or activities that occur, at the operational level. Operational decisions need, therefore, to be closely linked to business-level strategy. They are vital to successful strategy
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