Developing A Strong Classroom Management Style

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There are many factors that affects a student 's ability to learn and achieve. Classroom management plays a major role in the effectiveness of education and paves the way for the teacher to engage students in learning. Classroom management creates a set of expectations, routines, rules, and consequences. Through my experience at Olson Elementary, I have had the privilege of observing Ms. Mason, her students, and how she addresses classroom management. Every teacher has their own approach on classroom management, but essentially instills and models and principles of instills the goals and structure that meet the needs of their students.
A key factor in developing a strong classroom management style is having engaging instruction. Ms. Mason creates a motivating environment by using a variety of teaching methods and tools. She uses a document camera and projector to display teaching lessons to the class. She does assignments with the students, which engages the students and allows them to move at a pace that better suits them. She also incorporates the use of videos, current events, and different activity stations. She also has a compelling nature about her when speaks and interacts with her students; she is animated, sincere, and captivating. In my future classroom I would also use different teaching methods because students have different learning styles. I would incorporate more kinesthetic and hands-on learning activities. I would want to emphasize Ron Clark’s approach
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