Developing A Strong Teacher Student Relationship

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In the field of education, no matter what position you carry relationships are the key. Relationship can be defined as, “an emotional or other connection between people” ( During an academic school year, as well as throughout the duration of a teacher’s career as an educator, it is important to build teacher-student, teacher-parent, teacher-administrator, and teacher-teacher relationships. Not only does a teacher have to build these relationships but he/she has to make sure that they are positive and effective relationships. Building student’s associations with educators has essential, positive and enduring ramifications for both student’s scholastic and social advancement (Rimm-Kaufman & Sandilos). Children spend over six hours a day with a teacher for approximately 10 months out of a year. If we as teachers aren’t able to establish a good relationship, then we could almost say that all of that time is wasted. While developing a strong teacher-student relationship we are able to learn each student’s different learning abilities. While a positive relationship between the understudy and the instructor is troublesome, it can be found for both people at either end. An instructor and understudy who have the characteristics of good interchanges, regard in a classroom and show enthusiasm for educating from the perspective of the educator and gaining from an understudy will set up a positive relationship in the classroom. While keeping up the formal
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