Developing A Stronger Home And School Partnership

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Effective teachers recognize the need to engage families and communities of diverse backgrounds and cultures. According to the 2012 “MetLife Survey of the American Teacher,” it identified family engagement as one of the most challenging aspect of their work. Schools and teachers want to develop a stronger home and school partnership with shared responsibility of the results, but are not always sure of how to make that happen. Likewise, families and communities have a great desire to partner with schools but often encounter the structural challenges of navigating the school system as well mustering the social and cultural capital to navigate the complex educational maze. Some have had experiences that were negative which has left them feeling unwelcomed by the school community. This in turn, has led to distrust and many are hesitant to get involved because of their past experiences. Several state government along with the federal government have established policies that require schools and districts that receive Title 1 funds to develop “school-family compacts that dictate how these groups will work together to bolster student achievement.” It appears that everyone understands the importance of involving the community and families in schools. Currently, in the district where I work, it has room for improvement in terms of parental and community outreach and supporting community based partnership programs. While attending conferences addressing this issue, other schools
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