Developing A Successful Operating Condition Essay

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The chambers English Dictionary defines hotel as a usually large house run for the purpose of giving travelers food and lodging and the dictionary also therefore have chosen to define hotel as an operation that provides accommodation and ancillary services to people away from their homes. This includes all people who spend time away from home for whatever reason.
Hotel developers in Harare, Zimbabwe face a multiple number of challenges in developing a successful operating condition. The chapter reviewed literature related to hotel operational challenges as in accordance to the research study objectives. However, due to the limited studies done locally in this research area, most of the literature is reviewed and cited from foreign research studies. The issues discussed include; hotel financial constraints, labor force conditions, operating costs among others. Though the hotel industry is the fast growing sector in Zimbabwe, there are quite number of operational challenges that are still faced by Harare hotels.

Accommodation operations such as the hotels, it has been indicated that, the hotels have an important influence on tourism industry since they facilitate the provision of food and accommodation to the tourists. A large hotel may cater for both business and leisure guests, business guests, usually from Monday to Thursday, and a short break guest from Friday to Sunday. According to Horwath consulting, a London based consultant
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