Developing A Sustainable Business Practices Essay

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Globally, organisations are being pressurised to adopt sustainable business practices to mediate the impact on the environment in regard to issues such as climate change, population growth, poverty and resource depletion (Gladwin, Kennelly, & Krause, 1995). The way different organisations and industries integrate sustainable solutions into strategies, systems and technology, is dependant on their particular structure and individual culture (Stoughton & Ludema, 2012); in addition to the internal and external drivers, and barriers, that arise in response to dynamic economic and ecological circumstances (Rauter, Jonker, & Baumgartner, 2015). As stated by Stoughton and Ludema (2012), the motivational reasons organisations apply in pursuing sustainable initiatives are varied and often antithetical yet typically fall into three categories of profit, legitimation or ethical concern (Bansal & Roth, 2000); the barriers to operationalising sustainable initiatives are clustered in the same categories. Sustainable development will remain as admirable intention unless the motivations are operationalised and integrated into organisational strategy and culture, and in turn, reified by stakeholder groups and individuals (Lueg & Radlach, 2016). Gladwin et al., (1995) recognise that the situation can be shaped for mutual gain, as embraced by the sustaincentric paradigm, whereby it is impossible to separate a robust economy from a thriving natural environment. By aligning resource efficiency,
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