Developing A Teacher : Mia Johnson

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Developing Teacher: Mia Johnson

Subject/ Topic: Math/ Elapsed Times Grade Level: 3rd

Answer these questions as you build you lesson plan.

Enacted on the Spot

⦁ What will I do to engage students in the lesson?

To engage the students I will as the students we will review compatible numbers. We will do math problem 23+48, 54+13, and 39+ 52

⦁ What will I do to recognize and acknowledge lack of adherence to classroom rules and procedures?

I will make an effort to put an end to negative behavior before it even starts and let the students know that that type of behavior is unacceptable. I will reward positive behavior with bear paws and with positive reinforcement. I will remind students that I am their teacher also, and I wish to be given the same respect as the cooperating teacher receives. I can use proximity control to stand near students who may be misbehaving as well.

⦁ What will I do to communicate high expectations to students within the lesson?

To communicate high expectations for the students, I will always use positivity and encouragement. I will use popsicle sticks with the students name on them to call on each student to answer questions to avoid favoritism and to get the students to participate in the lesson.

⦁ List the questions you will as your students throughout the lesson, identifying high/low levels

What number are we going to start with? (LOWER ORDER) What number are we going to jump to next? (LOWER ORDER) Why?(HIGHER ORDER)…
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