Developing A Training Program Essay

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Abstract Throughout the United States, private and public-sector companies are facing the problem of a workforce severely lacking in basic workplace skills: More than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce and more than 50 percent of high school graduates do not have the basic skills to do their job. What makes these statistics even more disturbing is that employee skills are becoming increasingly important in the face of globalization, technological change, trade liberalization, deregulation and other external pressures on organizations today. For many organizations, one solution to the problem of a grossly unprepared workforce is to utilize workplace education programs. These programs are used to develop employees that are proving to be…show more content…
Overview of the orientation and competency assessment process. B. The program should be assessed for proper content and delivery, as well as how successful the orientation program is. Creating a baseline will give information about what has to be accomplished and will allow an educator to evaluate the success of the efforts. Use focus group research, qualitative research, quantitative data, and a direct review of all existing processes and procedures. C. Everyone in the organization has a role in an effective orientation program. 1. The supervisor has the most important role in that he or she helps to guide the employee in providing information and specific training for their position. 2. Coworkers help to give the newcomer information about the workplace, which helps to socialize the employee into the organization. 3. The HRD staff has a pivotal role in the newcomer orientation in that they conduct and oversee the training. HRD has an additional role to maintain, update, and monitor the educational activities and mechanisms throughout the organization. It is helpful to implement organization-wide policies, procedures and templates. 4. The new employee should be the leader of his or her own training in that they should take an active role in learning everything they can about the company. D. There are many problems common to employee orientation programs that should be avoided. Many new hires question their decision to change companies by
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