Developing A Type Of Training Program Essay

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The proposed intervention is to develop a type of training program which provides nursing personnel with useful and applicable protection in the reduction of musculoskeletal work related disorders and its psychological consequences. Program objectives include reducing employee injury and costs, improving employee engagement, reducing patient injury and costs, improving patient satisfaction by coordinating care, and improved patient outcomes. The “Safe Patient Mobility Program” which includes strategies intended to safely transfer patients improving their care and safety, and reduce employee injuries by reducing the need for lifting patients will have many steps for implementation. There are many stakeholders that have concerns both within, and outside, the health care facility. These include administrators, nurse/facility educators; direct patient care staff representatives (from nursing [CNA, RN], therapy [OT, PT], radiology, and other patient care areas); staff from employee health, safety, and contracting/purchasing departments; risk manager; engineers/designers; nursing; and patient/resident. Their roles have a significant impact on the proposed change because of their different perspectives. They are in essence the consumers, clinicians, and policymakers (Mayeda-Letourneau, 2013). Whenever there is change in direct patient care, there is always concern by administrators, patient representatives, and risk management the change is safe and will not present additional
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