Developing A Working Alliance With Each Family Member

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According to Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2002) the key to effective relationship counselling is to build a working alliance with each family member. This essay will discuss the family issues of a married couple Anna and Mick and their Jason who is experiencing sleeping difficulties. Furthermore the essay will asses their lack of interaction, disconnection as a family and the imbalances and impact experienced by Anna .The use of circular questions will be used imbedded into the session identifying underlying issues to further implement strategies ensuring the balanced in a family system is met. Mick, Anna have been married for the last ten year have brought their son Jason who is seven years old to counselling as he is facing sleeping difficulties in the last month. Anna expressed her exhaustion in relation to waking up every night lately and having to console Jason when he is crying, Jason is saying that he is having nightmares from watching scary movies with his father at night and this is a contributing factor around his sleeping difficulties. Ann has found out she is pregnant and expressed her concerns about Mick not helping her with Jason and that she needs to do everything on her own an she cant do this no longer and that things need to change. Mick works long hours and come home very night exhausted himself wanting to unwind watching scary or action movies which contributes to Jason sleep difficulties. Mick believes that if he doesn’t work the way he does then all the
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