Developing Alternatives : An Important Part Of The Strategic Planning Process

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Peer Reviewed Articles Developing alternatives is an important part of the strategic planning process. Alternatives enable leaders to determine the best directional strategies, adaptive strategies, market entry strategies, competitive strategies, and implementation strategies. Therefore, they serve as a foundation for an organization’s formal strategic plan. This essay will summarize five peer-reviewed articles and explain how the information could assist leaders with evaluating strategic alternatives. Accountable Care Organizations DeVore and Champion (2011) defined Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) as groups of providers who take responsibility for improving the overall health status and care efficiency for a defined population.…show more content…
Leaders evaluating this alternative could use this information to assess their organizations readiness to participate in an ACO. If the organization does not meet the criteria that facilitates ACO success, leaders should either work towards meeting the criteria or eliminate this alternative. Further, since the concept of ACOs is still new, best practices are still being developed. Therefore, increased risk and uncertainty would be involved. Supply-Chain Management Machado, Scavarda, and Vaccaro (2014) reported lean techniques used in supply chain management leads to increased profitability, higher quality services, reduced lead times, and increased productivity. Lean provides several potential competitive advantages, such as flexibility, price, quality, accuracy purchasing, inventory control and distribution. It is not a new concept, but it has recently gained acceptance in the health care industry. It can be used to develop a model of supply chain management that enables leaders to identify and minimize waste, assist in decision-making, and contribute to the quality of services by reducing supply chain costs. Lean focuses primarily on
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