Developing An Analytics Team Case Study Essay

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Developing an Analytics Team
Executive Summary
My company is a famous fruit dealer which has over 20 fruit physical stores all over New York City. We provide different kinds of fresh fruits to our customers with the best service. However, we noticed that our sales in winter experience a serious decline last winter due to the extremely cold weather which might make our clients reluctant to step out of their house and but fruits in our store. Therefore, the company is addressing some technology and business changes that will force me to sell things through the internet because in this way we can deliver fruit to our clients who could place their orders online. However, the company has never been involved in the online sales before which means no experience or whatsoever. Thus, the question becomes: How do I establish an analytics team to test this idea, and then implement it as a production system?
Currently, the company has its own analytics team in sales and administration department, doing daily data analysis in order to improve the sales number in physical stores and the decision-making process of management.
Nevertheless, online sales analysis and administration is a whole new area for both technical teams and management staff. Our existing technical teams can provide the market segmentation, needs and growth based on the data come from physical stores, yet they are lacking of the skills to effectively search the useful data from the online stores as they
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