Developing An Analytics Team?

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Developing an Analytics Team Selected Scenario: Option 4: I need to be able to interact with people online who might act as testers of my products, so I need to analyze tweet data in real time to determine if they are likely users and then try to engage them online. What resources do I need to effectively analyze the data and engage users online? Current Situation Our organization is a medium-high level analytics involved company. This is a typical fortune 500 Global company with relatively advanced, comprehensively invested technology platform. The organization owns a consulting company setting as follows: In this organization setting, the company resources allocated based on availability on a first-come first-served basis without necessarily aligning to enterprises objectives. Every business unit and function has their own analytics project, however, analytics group only acts like an internal consultant who charges business units for their services. Now we are facing a challenge of slowly profit growth and the one of the most important reasons related to this problem is that the slowly growing new customer volume. In this case, targeting the potential customers and engaging with them will be a good solution. To do so, the company is seeking an effective way to use the resources effectively to analyze the real-time tweet data, so they can interact with people online and determine if those people are likely users and then try to engage them online. Addressing an analytics
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