Developing An Eco Footprint At The National Plastics Manufacturing Show Essay

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The company has always operated as a small family business and Joanna is not a family member. She is keen to see the business develop and has therefore arranged a bank facility for an additional $100 000 capital to be used by the business. Joanna wants to utilise their skills to produce the next generation of designs for plastic containers. One of her goals is to refocus the company’s strategies to deal with waste and inefficiencies in the current business operations. She is keen to develop an eco-footprint which measures a product’s impact on the environment, and plans to introduce processes to reduce this impact. She would like to launch the new products, together with the company’s sustainability focus, at the National Plastics Manufacturing Show which is to be held in November 2016. Joanna wants to conduct market research to firstly establish whether there will be an advantage in increasing their product range; secondly to establish what their competitors are selling and plan to do in the short to medium term; and thirdly to identify consumer views on her environmentally friendly initiative. In the proposal it will illustrate the objectives and aims, which will involve research and scope along with the purpose and catalyst, also have primary & secondary research under the methodology.
Joanne is conducting research methods with primary as well as secondary, she needs to use effective implementation to gather data from a purposeful participants, by doing
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