Developing An Effective Nutrition Plan

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To help an athlete, reach their full potential, it is extremely important to develop an effective nutrition plan. These plans cannot be developed without analyzing an athlete’s current dietary regimen with regard to their food intake as well as exercise. This paper will analyze Anthony Scarfo, a professional soccer player, examining Scarfo’s current exercise plan as well as his daily nutrition intake.
Anthony Scarfo is a twenty-four-year-old professional football player who currently plays for Pennsylvania’s Philadelphia Eagles. At present, Scarfo currently stands precisely 5’9” tall and he weighs in at 178 pounds. Scarfo is a Caucasian male, and he follows a really demanding training schedule. Scarfo’s football practice occurs five days each week during the off season, and is included in Scarfo’s training schedule every day that his team is not scheduled to play in a game once the professional football season has begun. Football practice involves participating in a five-mile run each and every day. In addition to his run, Scarfo also includes agility exercises as well as visiting the weight room at least four times each week for at least two hours. In the weight room Scarfo performs various upper body as well as lower body workouts by utilizing various machines. Scarfo additionally exceeds his minimum workout demand in the weight room by going at least five times each week instead of just four, where Scarfo is sure to perform numerous lifting exercises targeted to…
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