Developing An Implementation Plan For Patients With Chronic Pain

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Developing an Implementation Plan
Abbie de los Reyes
Grand Canyon University: NRS-441V
November 22, 2015

Developing an Implementation Plan Inpatients in adult psychiatric units who are diagnosed with chronic pain may be perceived as narcotic abusers. Even with the complete, proper physical and history assessment, it may not be fully determined whether or not they are receiving the sufficient pain regimen. The subjects who take part in this research are patients in a hospital’s psychiatric unit and must be diagnosed with chronic pain in order to fit the category. Healthcare providers classify psychiatric patients to abuse the healthcare system for the intention of obtaining free narcotics. The issue of this insight is
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This patient, as being a re-admission and has done this tactic before, will say or do what it takes to be admitted and ultimately, will obtain narcotic medicine. This causes a delay in the department’s routine and schedule and a lacking of bed for a patient who is truly, acutely ill. The most common example is when an admitted patient in a psychiatric unit complains of his or her pain regimen to the provider as inadequate. Physicians are familiar of the dangers of prescribing addictive medications to patients with history of or with great risk of substance abuse. In cases when these patients do no get the prescription they want, they may display outbursts that may threaten or harm others or themselves. Another negative consequence is the backflow of the response time for paramedics to attend to truly acute individuals. This issue, aside from being problematic, is also costly not only to hospitals, but also in the community, as these patients need residency in rehabilitation centers. Nurses spend much of their time in repeated thorough assessments before giving stronger pain medications since they are hesitant to do so to patients who are substance abusers. The ongoing resolution to this problem has been debated. Should nurses provide for the addictive requests of psychiatric patients, even with the diagnosis of chronic pain? The healthcare team of physicians, nurses, and social workers must complete a thorough psychiatric
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