Developing An Improvement Plan And Negotiating Skills

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Developing an Improvement Plan In order to make improvements in one’s negotiating skills, it is necessary to determine one’s current communication skills and negotiating style. The use of tools, such as The Personal Bargaining Inventory and Communication Competence Scale questionnaires can assist one in determining these skills. Developing an improvement plan, taking into consideration the five negotiating strategies, ten best practices of negotiating skills, and current communication skills and negotiating style will provide one with a tool to assist in improving one’s negotiating skills. Summary of Findings The Personal Bargaining Inventory The Personal Bargaining Inventory questionnaire measures perceptions of human behavior in situations of bargaining and negotiation (Lewicki, Saunders, & Barry, 2010). This questionnaire revealed that I am honest, trustworthy, care about relationships, not a good liar, and ethical. I am not afraid to stand up for my principles and am willing to share power with others. Additionally, I avoid conflict, when possible. In general, I do not feel a person being taken advantage of is related to their honesty and trustworthiness. I feel people should understand their own values before bargaining and tempers should not flare in negotiations. Being calm and maintaining one’s cool will get you further in negotiations than a hot temper. I believe revealing too much with facial expressions can be harmful in a negotiation. Finally, I feel

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