Developing An Information Technology Support Model For Higher Education

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1. Developing an Information Technology Support Model for Higher Education
Babson College was working off a basic servicer for its information technology needs. As years progressed, it was obvious the server currently used would not be adequate for what direction the college wanted to head to in the future. By upgrading the current server, departmental business functions could be updated, software programs such the Office products implemented, course offerings could be made available by different delivery methods, and employee and student access could increase making it available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Babson established an Information Technology and Services Division to oversee any issues that occur due to problems with
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Regardless of which category a person may be associated with, the IT Department starts with an operation system, applies application software to a computer to perform the functions necessary, and provides the access for users to perform those functions. “Application software focuses on the work of a user or an organization” (Gallaugher). It is the IT Department’s responsibility to makes sure all these processes are working together accurately for business to continue without interruption.
Based on the information provided in the readings for this week, a breakdown is provided as to an IT Department intermingles resources to get an end result. Recently, the operating system was updated at my place of employment. It sounded as if it should be an easy conversion, however, it was not. It took over a week to install the new operating system. Moving from one department to another, each area was brought online. This was a slow and tedious process as once the connecting software was installed, IT had to test various piece of information before allowing the departments access. Fortunately, Financial Aid was one of the departments listed as high priority to get online as soon as possible. This was a major conversion that is still affecting some reporting months later. This conversion also impacted the student side as access was not available during the conversion timeframe. Since moving to the new operating
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