Developing And Creating Medication From Pharmaceutical Companies

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Writing Assignment Introduction: Developing and creating medication is a lengthy and costly process that may take as long as 10-12 years and cost upwards of $1-2 billion dollar to bring a medication from research to production into the market. Once in the market, the patent law only protects the intellectual property for an additional 10-12 years before generic drugs flood the market. Give the time and cost of creating a new medication from start to finish, it is understandable that most pharmaceutical companies are hesitant to invest time and resources into so called “Orphan” disease. These are the disease that are rare and not very well studied or investigated in medical lecture yet it effects several thousands individuals worldwide. Therefore most pharmaceutical companies focus their resources on disease or conditions that are more common in general public and that will bring them huge revenue. Consequently, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure and lipid lowering drugs are the favorite revenue generating medications that have attracted most of the R&D money from pharmaceutical companies in the recent years. Many people expect pharmaceutical companies to do more to combat disease in poor countries. With record breaking revenue on some of the blockbuster drugs, many individuals would like to see more from an industry that is favoring certain money making diseases over others because the industry is favoring bottom-line rather than number of lives saved. World
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