Developing And Delivering On The It Value Proposition

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Chapter 1: Developing and Delivering on the IT Value Proposition 1. The CEO is preparing "talking points" for the upcoming Strategic Planning session with the BoD and C-Level executive team. He has asked you to prepare some written comments to discuss best practices in identifying potential value in the use of IT for the future and how to approach managing these IT projects. There are 5 elements that need to be contemplated to comprehend all the extent of value which is or may be provided by an IT Project. The what, where, who, when, and how should be clearly defined, to prevent value to seeming as not what was expected or that it wasn 't delivered at all. By separating into sections the elements before mentioned we will be able to go…show more content…
Who - A common misconception is the IT alone conveys all the value. Actually, it is a combination of the interdependent relations between individuals, information, and technology which provides the real value. Hence, asking who delivers the value doesn 't refer to a single entity, but the interactions of more than a few. When - Time has a direct relation with value. Particularly in IT where newer/better things are constantly being innovated, we can appreciate devaluation of items at significant rates over periods of time. Therefore, we must recognize time as being able to alter the perception of value. Nevertheless, in cases where projects involve higher degrees of complexity we need to recognize that there is a time commitment prior to attaining any value. For example, by foreseeing the "W" in delivering IT value we might be able to more effectively manage value over time. The "W" Effect in Delivering IT Value (Seagars and Chatterjee - 2010) How - This section actually is pretty straight forward, as it points out what are the means which will generate the value of a project. However, it should be emphasized that the "how" is a fundamental part of business proposition of any IT project. In many cases it will required to be declared prior to getting any funding. Most companies don 't have a proper strategies to identify potential value of emerging technologies. Nevertheless, there is a number practices backed by research that
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