Developing And Implement A Business Plan

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Develop and implement a business plan Introduction Dong’s China Bar would like to establish its business operation in Little Bourke Street to expand its business images. The business will focus on producing the fine dining northern Chinese cuisine and food and its owner Mr. Dong has been a qualified and experienced chef in this area for more than 7 years. Assessment task 1 Research: 1. Identify the purpose of your business plan o It helps to establish the business goals, missions and visions. It serves as the guidelines to implement the company’s marketing, production, and financing and management decisions. o It also serves as the proof to the financial lending institutes that the company has the sound and solid…show more content…
Research resources, legal and compliance requirements, specifically in relation to occupational health and safety (OHS), in accordance with business goals and objectives • OHS: Dong’s China Bar has established the practical guidelines to maintain the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and the relevant OHS regulation. Codes of Practice offer both employers and employees with guidelines of how to manage the workplace safety in an effective way. • Cultural expectations and influence: Dong’s China Bar’s staffs are considering the business stakeholders’ age, gender, interests, social activities and customer lifestyles. All staffs understand all the business stakeholders should be treated differently due to these differences. • Environmental issues: Dong’s China Bar will try to minimise the air pollutions from frying and cooking oil, wastewater pollutions into the sewage system, land pollutions from dumping the business rubbish, hazardous items from the cleaning products usage, solid wastage into the natural environment, pesticide chemicals and pest control spray within the shop, asbestos chemicals from the shop
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