Developing And Implement A Business Plan

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Develop and implement a business plan Introduction Dong’s China Bar would like to establish its business operation in Little Bourke Street to expand its business images. The business will focus on producing the fine dining northern Chinese cuisine and food and its owner Mr. Dong has been a qualified and experienced chef in this area for more than 7 years.

Assessment task 1 Research:
1. Identify the purpose of your business plan o It helps to establish the business goals, missions and visions. It serves as the guidelines to implement the company’s marketing, production, and financing and management decisions.

o It also serves as the proof to the financial lending institutes that the company has the sound and solid business operation knowledge and skills to convince them to lend the money to the company for its business operating purposes.

2. Identify and review the essential components of your business plan

Dong’s China Bar has the following business plan components: o Mission statements and vision statements to explain where and what we would like to be and achieve in the long time; o Explanation of the company and the offered product lines and services; o Explain our products and services competitive advantages or differentiation strategies; o Micro and macro business environment analysis including SWOT and PEST analysis, the competition level in the marketplace and market share and sizes hold; o Explain the required company personnel and their skills…
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