Developing And Implement Green Technology

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With the high initial costs, it is easy to see why the United States is hesitant to develop and implement green technology. There are also several other worries including unforeseeable collapses; Eventually “all good bubbles burst.” Though there is still a lot to accomplish with green technology it is still considered a fast-growing and aggressive market. One of the biggest issues that green companies face is “finding enough customers to support the costly infrastructure that they must build first.” This type of issue is considered strange because arguably, support for renewable energy has never been better. An example of this would be SunEdison, a renewable energy company that was considered unstoppable when their market capitalization reached nearly $10 billion. The company quickly “went supernova” and shares dropped from $32 dollars to $0.32 cents. Eventually, SunEdison filed for bankruptcy. There were several other companies such as Abengoa that simply turned focus away from renewable energy and started focusing on personal care and food products. There are other companies that are succeeding though. First Solar, unlike SunEdison, adopted a slower-growth strategy instead of trying to grow and spread too quickly. First Solar is considered to be a “rarity,” making $546 million on $3.6 billion in revenue becoming a profitable business (Julie Creswell, New York Times). However, “scientific uncertainty is no excuse for inaction on an environmental problem,” as stated by a
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