Developing And Implement Strategic Plans

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Develop and implement strategic plans INTRODUCTION
The business I’m going to talk about it’s a car showroom we sell used cars. The name of the organisation is Rosamond Street Car Experts. We are running this business for last 2 years. In the present time most of the rich persons and the famous personalities are really fond of buying new and sports cars they buy new cars after sometime their taste get changed then they buy new one and those used cars they never use after that. So we buy those used cars and sell on genuine price to the customers including 3 years warranty. We always try to make our customers happy. The best thing is that the location of this showroom is near the Highpoint shopping centre. It is very crowded and famous place. On the weekend most of the people they come and have a look on these cars. If they indeed like then they definitely buy. Instead of warranty we provide first two services free of cost. For running a successful business we have to make a strong strategic plan, with the help of these plans we can create good image in front of the customers. For making the new strategic plan we take the help of experts and professionals because they have been working in this industry for a long time they know very well what sort of strategic plan we really need in our business.
 VISION: Every organisation see the future, we want to increase our sales in the future. For achieving this purpose we are trying to provide good discount to the customers. On the
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