Developing And Leading Teams Of A Complex Healthcare System

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Transformation leadership requires a leadership style that will collaborate with employees to move an organization forward. It is important for leaders to identify with the concept of emotional intelligence to do so. They need to promote the vision, mission and goals of an organization and inspire, motivate and align their employees to a common goal. They must be sensitive to change management in order to engage employees and encourage their adoption of new ways. They must recognize the obstacles and assist the nurses with implementing a plan that can achieve their goals. This paper will discuss the challenges in developing and leading teams in a complex healthcare system, and the characteristics the leader must demonstrate in order to make a difference. I will reflect upon my own skills as a leader, where I am, and what improvements I need to make to move my staff forward in the direction healthcare is going. Building an effective team requires all members to have a shared purpose where they understand, believe in and work towards a common
Goal (Craig & McKeown, 2015). With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and their focus toward a population health management system, building teams will become a significant part of moving an organization toward improving the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care. Creating effective teams requires leadership to be conscious of their role in cultivating and supporting a team environment.…
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