Developing And Managing A Comprehensive Compliance Program

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Developing and managing a comprehensive compliance program for a not-for-profit entity Over the last few years, the not for profit organizations have suffer from serious criticism and strict scrutiny due to certain different issues. The most disturbing issues were related to the accounting, ethics standards and how they are able to develop and maintain comprehensive compliance programs. It turns out that developing and managing comprehensive compliance for not for profit entity is not easy and simple. In fact, a lot of force demands that the not for profit entities create compliance programs that are similar to those in for profit organizations. Some not for profit entities have tried to create these programs, but research shows that…show more content…
While the managers may select a number of employees to shape the framework, it is their responsibility to make the program to work. The good thing about involving leaders is that they help in the making of decisions thereby removing a case of poorly formulated compliance programs. Furthermore, it ensures that the leader focus on the programs while considering the mission and objectives of the not for profit organization. Research shows that a comprehensive compliance program begins with the leaders. Ideally, it is the style of leaders being the example for others to follow (McKinney, 2015). Besides, sometimes employees may not take the compliance program seriously if the leaders (managers) are not involved. Apart from leadership, creating comprehensive compliance program demands proper integration into the mission of the organization. This then means that one compliance program cannot work in two different not for profit organization. Besides, using compliance programs that are not in line with the not for profit organization has been the cause of the rising record in unethical and failing programs. If a program is not well integrated in with the organization’s mission, there is a high possibility for its failure. Ideally, integration of the complaisance program helps in the allocation of appropriate resources. This means that during the integration, all
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