Developing And Marketing Computer Hardware Systems

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Reading through the requirement of this paper there were several options to choose from. There are several companies that offer integration to their customers such as SAP which is the leader in ERP solutions, Oracle which came to the industry after acquiring PeopleSoft back in 2005, Microsoft, and IBM. Reading the materials throughout this semester was interesting as it gave me an inside view of system integration and it made me think of the architecture of how companies integrate their system or the high level thought of how things are done when big companies acquire other companies. Researching all these four big companies, I found that Oracle had a lot of products that integrate systems and it seems they have a solution for a lot of major industry with pre-defined modules that help jump start the integration process. Everyone knows oracle as it’s a global computer technology company. The company primary specializes in developing and marketing computer hardware systems. The company also builds and develops databases and database products. , middle tier software, resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management and supply chain management software.
In this paper I am specifically looking at the Oracle E-Business Suite, which is the most complete suite of integrated, global business applications that enables the company to make better decisions, reduce cost, and increase performance. The Oracle E-Business helps customers manage the complexity

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