Developing And Undeveloped Countries : An Best Type Of Communication And Network At The Current Time

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UNICEF, who focuses on providing assistance to women and children in developing and undeveloped countries, emphasis on helping people in emergency natural disasters. Under the life and death situation, communication is one of the most critical things needed. In order to effectively respond to natural disasters, UNICEF has to select the best type of communication and network at the current time. UNICEF also has to concern about many factors. For example, the local network of the affected area is probably destroyed, and it may not have been reconstructed shortly. The help and sources from local area may not enough. These constraints can be worked on by the communication methods. Assuming that all kinds of power went off, these three following communication platforms are working with generators.
Innovation Technologies
The first type of innovative technologies is WiMAX and Wifi. It is a wireless technology that is able to transmit broadband access and high speed transmission (Lu & Seah & Peh & Ge, 2007). Adaptation protocols are necessary for integration since WiMAX and WiFi networks have different protocol architectures and quality of service support mechanisms (Certain & Liu, 2013).
There are many advantages regarding to the use of WiMAX. Even though it does not use wires or cables, it can offer the same reliability or even better than those offered by telephone and cable companies (Townsend, 2006). It is also be able to handle wide range of services…
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