Developing Associate Nursing Program

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Developing Associate Nursing Program Program Objectives The main goals of the program are to develop competent individuals who can help patients to: improve their underlying levels of health, prevent diseases and alleviate suffering. To achieve these aims there is a focus on a number of objectives. These include: To provide everyone with the communication skills to successfully interact with various stakeholders. Demonstrate real world decision making skills that can be utilized inside an actual health care environment. Develop teaching methods that will help patients and colleagues to learn about valuable technique for improving care. Utilize the latest technology to deliver the most innovative solutions to stakeholders. Understand and apply nursing based research to a wide variety of situations. Ensuring the continuing care of patients when working with: other health care professionals and organizations. Taking an active interest in lifelong learning and understanding how this can help to improve professionalism. Following practices that are in accordance with various legal, ethical and regulatory guidelines for the field of nursing. The combination of these objectives will help everyone to understand the most critical factors impacting care. Once this takes place, is the point that these ideas can be used to create a basic philosophy when interacting with various stakeholders. ("Nursing Program Goals and Objectives," 2012) Program Outcomes As a result,
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