Developing Cell Specific Cancer Treatments

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Developing Cell-Specific Cancer Treatments Introduction: Cancer treatment is extremely costly, frequently physically taxing and never guaranteed to work. However, as drug companies such as ours strive to improve conditions with regard to the latter two characteristics, we must face a worsening set of conditions with respect to the first characteristic. The focus of our discussion is on using newly focused ways of fighting cancer cells without attacking their healthy host cells, particularly with an emphasis on the genetic characteristics of breast cancer treatment. We proceed with the thesis that there is great opportunity for the improvement of treatment outcomes and financial growth potential for our drug company with the development of a breast-cancer cell-specific drug therapy, but this opportunity will come with a high price tag to the patient, insurance company and healthcare system. Economic Issues: There is a genuine, pressing economic concern which enters into this discussion. Namely, as pharmaceutical companies make apparent strides in the versatility and dynamism of cancer treatment drugs, the FDA remains behind schedule in approving their mainstream use for full insurance coverage. The result is that many such treatments remain costly to patients at a rate that few to no insurance policies will cover in total. According to Goozner (2012), "unaffordable new drugs, even when they're covered by insurance, are being rationed by price as patients, doctors
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