Developing Channels Of Communication For International Gadgets

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Developing channels of communication in International Gadgets company is unable the new manager to communicate and gather a team of technical communicators and enhance their experience in communicating with different audiences in a business setting. The department of research & development (R&D) in International Gadgets has produced a new product. The International Gadgets assumed that product would make a revolutionize the industry. However, the International Gadgets in each level of the corporation department needs to understand fully how the new product is going to start and revolt the industry. In order to process the new product, the head of R&D should work with four departments in the International Gadgets to help them to understand the channels and communicate in throughout the company for the new product. There are four levels in International Gadgets should understand the new product which are upper management, Sales and Marketing, Technical Support and all employees. Before approving the funding needed for the new product, R&D should help upper management to understand the new product and how it will expand the company. Technology has approved many possible channels for upper management to share the information and stay connected with several levels of the company at one time. Upper management must be connected and communicated all the time with others level in the company by using group email (electronic mail) which include all the members, and every person can

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