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While social injustice and oppression are rooted in Troy’s life, he tries to regain a sense of power and control. In the essay “Developing Character: Fences,” Sandra Shannon says, “These feelings of being passed over change Troy into a man obsessed with extorting from life an equal measure of what was robbed from him” (95). Since Troy had a cruel and cold relationship with his father and was never able to fulfill his dream as a baseball player, he attempts to control those around him. Yet, Troy’s efforts to control his family ends up bringing them down with him. By attempting to make up for and fill the void that was left in his life, Troy only ends up oppressing others. Just as Troy from Fences, Levee from Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom…show more content…
These men are forced to prostitute their wonderful musical talents for mere pocket change and pats on their backs” (79). Levee attempts to put his power on display by trying to put down others so that he can feel good about himself. When Levee’s recording session starts, he decides to show up late. Furthermore, he attempts to be flashy by purchasing a new pair of shoes that he puts on. The shoes are a symbol of power for Level. Levee was able to by the shoes with his own money and pick them out on is own accord. This works to give Levee a sense of individualism. Levee refers to his shoes with a feeling a pride because they belong to him and no one can take that away from him. While the other men believe that Levee’s shoes are flamboyant and excessive, Levee does not care because they make him feel good about himself. Levee puts his shoes on and says, “Yeah! Now I’m ready! I can play some good music now!” (Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom 24). In a way, the shoes are like armor for Levee, they work to protect him against those who do not which to see him prosper. The other band members don’t care about Levee’s shoes. One member, Slow Drag even steps on his shoes and does not really care that he does. However, for Levee

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