Developing Children With Autism Research Paper

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Navdeep Randhawa Professor Rossano a99047911 Winter Quarter 2016, 856665

Progress or Digression in Prosocial Behavior Stemming from Educating Typical Developing Children on Autism Spectrum Disorder
At an early age it is easy to observe the way children interact with their peers prior to any knowledge of disabilities the child may contain. The focus of this study is to see if education is a factor that contributes to progressive or digressive prosocial behavior within Typically Developing children’s interactions with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A Typically Developing Child is a child is growing according to normal standards in reference to social interactions and physical developments.
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The way a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder responds to such initiatives can help exemplify or shut down the notion that educating a child on social cues, in regards to children with Autism, may or may not influence positive prosocial behavior from the child with Autism. In their study, they go on to state that children with autism have difficulties understanding “different perspectives” and partake in activities “through joint attention”(Ziv, Hadad, & Khateeb, 2013). The authors’ claim, based on previous research by Crick and Dodge, that there are steps to how a social interaction works beginning with how you view the interaction all the way until you respond to it, and children with Autism have less ability to control these steps (Ziv, Hadad, & Khateeb, 2013). Ziv, Hadad, and Khateeb conducted their study with males only half of which were typically developing and the other half which had Autism Spectrum Disorder. They focused on the ideas whether interaction was “hostile” or “accepting” or “rejecting” and concluded that children with Autism Spectrum Disorder had difficult times understanding social cues especially when they were negative such as rejection (Ziv, Hadad, & Khateeb, 2013). Based on what they found, this helps guide the present study to take measurements of how children with Autism respond to the Typically developing child prior and post educating them on
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